Forced Air Breathing Apparatus

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Forced Air Breathing Apparatus

Forced Air Breathing Apparatus

Forced air breathing apparatus consists of full face cover,air tube,blower,batteries,charger and 2-3 small canisters.It filters the air by the battery-driven blower and then provides the fresh clean air to the user through the breathing tube. It also helps protect the user out of the hurting of the dusty or radioactive substance.This breathing respirator is widely used in industry,agriculture,medican and scientific research and for the use of the army,police,civil defense as well.

Advantages of the Forced Air Breathing Apparatus

1.Support both AC and DC

2.Support beep alarm when showing low battery

3.Exquisite design

4.Provide 5 hours more constant air flow 170 L/min when the battery has full capacity

5.Provide different types of hoods,masks and canisters according different working environment


Working Time(Full Capacity Battery) 5h Outlet Air Flow 170L/min
Mist Transmittance 0.0005% Mask Leak Coefficient 0.0005%
Ehalation Resistance 98Pa(30L/min) Anti-poison Time Depends on the performance of the canister
Size 59*45*22.5 Weight 8kg
Storage Life of mask canister Under specific conditions,the storage time is 5years

Forced Air Breathing Apparatus

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