Weather Facsimile Receiver

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Weather Facsimile Receiver

Weather Facsimile Receiver

Weather facsimile receiver is a weather information receiving equipment to gather and generates crucial information under all weather conditions at sea. Automatically selecting frequency with the highest signal quality enables it to print out weather charts with low noise, so it is widely used for recreational boats, fishing boats and workboats.


1. Clear-cut weather charts and satellite images showing on 8' thermal paper in nine gray levels

2. Automatic channel selection through the received signal intensity

3. 2-25MHz bands are pre-programmable channels available

4. Full automatic operation by a built-in schedule timer (16 programs can be set per week for automatic operation)

5. Quiet thermal printing due to minimal mechanical components


1. Using 216mm paper

2. Frequency range: 2-25MHz in 100Hz steps

3. Number of channel: 150 pre-programmed channels

4. Receiving mode: F3C

5. Sensitivity: < 2 uV, 20dB SINAD

6. Tuning monitor: 3 LCD light showing whether receiving frequency is appropriate to heighten or lower

7. Sweep speed: 6090 or 120rpm

8. I.O.C.: 576 or 288

9. External input signal: 0dBm, 600ohms

10. Operation: manually or automatically

11. Operation temperature: -10桫+50

12. Power supply: DC12-24V(2.3-1.15A)

Interconnection Diagram:

Weather Facsimile Receiver

Interconnection Diagram of Ship Weather Facsimile Receiver

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