6-inch LCD Class-B Marine Universal AIS Transponder

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6-inch LCD Class-B Marine Universal AIS Transponder

6-inch LCD Class-B Marine Universal AIS Transponder

This product is a universal ship-borne AIS equipment with the function of navigation and ship data exchange with other ships and shore stations. This device complies with A.694 (17), IEC62287-1 2006-03 standard requirements. It consists of transceiver unit, display control unit, VHF and GPS antennas and related accessories. The transceiver unit comprises a VHF transmitter, two TDMA receivers, an interface, a communication processor, and a built-in GPS receiver, etc.


1. Comply with IEC62287-1 2006-03 A. 694(17) international technical standards

2. AIS target approaching, sound and light alarm function

3. Provided AIS target ships static, dynamic and voyage data

4. Target ship information display function

5. GPS navigation function

6. Offers various input/output data interface port

7. 6.0-inch high resolution LCD display



1. RF unit: 1 transmitter and 2 receivers

2. Frequency range: 156.025-162.025MHz

3. Communication mode: CSTDMA

4. Frequency tolerance: 1000Hz

5. Display screen: FSTN 122 (W) 92 (H) mm (6.0 inches)

6. Power supply: 12V DC or 24V DC

7. Operating Temperature: -15 ~ +55

8. Dimensions: 235 (W) x 145 (H) x 70 (D) mm

AIS Transmitter Section

1. Carrier power: 33dBm 1.5dB (2W)

2. Modulation spectrum: -25dBw / - 60dBw

3. Modulation accuracy:

Less than 3400Hz (bit 0,1) 2400Hz 480Hz (bit 2,3), 2400Hz 240Hz (Bit 4-199 or 00001111Bit format), 1740Hz 175Hz0101 bit format

4. Power comparison time:

Transmit delay: 2083us (normal transmit a period of time)

Increase time: 313us

Decrease time: 313us

Transmit duration time: 323333us

5. Spurious emission: -36dBm9KHz-1GHz, -30dBm1GHz-4GHz

AIS Receiver Section

1. Reference sensitivity: -107dBm (package error rate 20%)

2. High input tolerance:-77dBm (package error rate 2%)

3. Co-channel interference: 10dB (package error rate 20%)

4. Adjacent channel selectivity: 70dB (package error rate 20%)

5. Spurious response interference: 70dB (package error rate 20%)

6. Inter-modulation response interference: 65dB (package error rate 20%)

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.


6-inch LCD Class-B Marine Universal AIS Transponder

Dimensions of 6-inch LCD Class-B UAIS

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