Portable Two Way VHF Telephone

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Portable Two Way VHF Telephone

Portable Two Way VHF Telephone

This type very high frequency telephone is designed and produced in accordance with international standards IEC 61097-12 and MSC. 149(77), it completely conforms to GMDSS requirements and is approved by CCS. With excellent waterproof ability, shock resistance and good delivery value, this two way VHF radiophone can be used in the harsh environment on board. It is easy to handle, even the unskilled person can operate the most functions with one hand.


1. Keep watertight underwater one meter within 5 minutes

2. Display battery status

3. Indicate the received signal strength

4. Show noise suppression level

5. Accept the computer programming

6. Self-checking function

7. Power saving function

8. One key touchable switch

9. One hand operation


1. Frequency range: 156MHz-163MHz

2. Modulation type: F3E

3. Communication mode: half duplex

4. Channel: all single channel

5. Channel spacing: 25KHz

6. Frequency swing: +/10PPM

7. Operating temperature: -20 to +55

8. Power supply: DC9.6V

9. Battery life: 8 hours(5% launching,5% receiving, 90% standby mode)

10. Battery capacity:1150mAh

11. Heat resistance: +45

12. RF output power: 1W (Lo)/2W (Hi)

13. Frequency shift: <+/1.5KHz

14. Sensitivity: 107dBm

15. Audio output: 500mW

16. Distortion: <10%

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Portable Two Way VHF Telephone

Portable Two Way VHF Radio Phone

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