SART is the search positioning device of Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. With independent intellectual property, it is complied with related IMO or GMDSS requirements. Designed for reliable operation in the roughest of marine environments, it will efficiently assist ship or survival craft rescue operations.


1. Frequency: 9200MHz ~9500MHz

2. Polarization: horizontal

3. Horizontal beam range: 360 degrees

4. Vertical beam width: 12.5 degrees

5. Receiving sensitivity: better than-50dBm

6. Equivalent isotropic radiated power: 400mW

7. Pulse emission: 100s

8. Sweep range: 9200MHz-9500Mhz

9. Form of sweep: saw-tooth waveform (12 sweeps)

10. Recovery time: 10s

11. Response time: 0.5s

12. Temperature range: operating -20 to 55, storage -30 to 65

13. Enclosure protection class: IP68

14. Shell color: yellow or orange optional

15. Compass safe distance: 50cm

16. Weight: approx.1000g



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