Class-A VHF DSC Ship Transceiver

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Class-A VHF DSC Ship Transceiver

Class-A VHF DSC Ship Transceiver

DSC (Digital Selective Calling) is a new feature brought to radio communications by the arrival of GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Safety Systems). This feature is found on VHF and MF/HF GMDSS radio systems. A calling station may direct a call to a specific vessel by entering a MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) number and initiating a call. The receiving station decodes the number and if there is a match an alert is sounded indicating a communications request has been made. Other information may be embedded in the coded signal indicating nature of the call and operating frequency requested. If the coded signal is of a distress, it will sound an alarm on all receiving stations and indicate the position of the calling station. This allows for vessels in the area to respond and render aid.


1. Comply with IMO. A.803(19) resolution &ITU-R A.694(17) resolution

2. All US, International and Canadian, 10 weather channels

3. Automatically record incoming messages

1) Distress messages: 32

2) Other messages:32

3) Collision messages: 72

4. DSC system(DSC 70 channel watch)

5. Dual-watch and Tri-watch

6. Collision avoidance alarm display

7. Received signal strength indication

8. Priority scan

9. FM(88-108MHz) radio receiver

10. Navigation function

11. Extend speaker louder function

12. 64 waypoints stored

13. User-program channel group

14. Timing alarm clock

Technical specifications:

1 Overall specifications

Frequency range: Tx: 156.025-157.425MHz, Rx: 156.025-163.275MHz

Modulation method: FM (16K0G3E) DSC (16K0G2B)

Receiving system: superheterodyne double conversion

Frequency tolerance: 10ppm(-20+60)

Power supply voltage: DC13.8V (15%)

Antenna impendence: 50

Output impendence: (audio) 8

Input impendence: (microphone) 2K

Dimensions: W(220)H(110)D(109)mm

Weight: 1350g (2%)

2 Transmitter specifications

Output power: 25W/1W

Modulation limit: ܡ5KHz

Modulation: sensitivity: 17mV10mV

Audio distortion: 7%

Adjacent channel selectivity: 70dB

Spurious emissions: -53dB

Residual modulation: 40dB

Tx current consumption: high power6.0A, low power1.5A (DC13.8V)

3 Receiver specifications

Reference sensitivity: 0.25uV (12dB SINAD)

Squelch sensitivity: 0.15uV

Modulation receiver bandwidth: 25KHz

Deep squelch blocking threshold: 5KHz

Adjacent channel selectivity: 65dB

Intermodualtion rejection ratio: 58dB

Spurious response: 65dB

Audio output power: 2W (8)

Audio distortion: 7%

GPS output format: NMEA0183 (2.0)

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