GMDSS MF & HF DSC Marine Transceiver

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GMDSS MF & HF DSC Marine Transceiver

GMDSS MF & HF DSC Marine Transceiver

Main function

1. General voice calls

2. Distress urgency and safety communications, ship operating requirements, public business communication

3. DSC system

(Distress emergency call, individual call, group call, all ships call, sea area call, ship position request call, DSC test)

4. DSC distress message storage and readout (24 distress messages, 24 other messages)

5. Frequency scanning

6. 32 common ship No. memory

7. 8 common group call code memory

8. Built-in GPS

9. Manually input the ship's position information

10. Automatic / semi-automatic ship business

Technical Specifications

  • General

1. Frequency range (unit: MHz)

Receiver: 0.5-29.9999

Transmitter: 1.6-2.9999, 4.0-4.9999, 6.0-6.9999, 8.0-8.9999, 12.0-13.9999, 16.0-17.9999, 18.0-19.9999, 22.0-22.9999, 25.0-27.5000

2. DSC channel: 2187.5KHz, 4207.5KHz, 6312.0KHz, 8414.5KHz, 12577.0KHz, 16804.5kHz

3. Emission type:

Transmitter: J3EUSB/LSB, H3E, J2BAFSK, DSC Receiver: J2B

4. The number of memory channels: 160 channels can be set by users, 249 ITU (International Telecommunication Union) SSB duplex, 124 ITU SSB simplex channels

5. Antenna connector: SO-239250

6. Operating temperature range: -30~+60棬-22F~140FThis Unit is only warranty secured in the range of -20 ~ +55 棩

7. Frequency stability: transmitter 10Hz, DSC receiver 10Hz-20~+55, nearly five minutes after the battery is connected

8. Power supply: DC 13.8V 15%

9. Current consumption: Transmitter: 30A (max. power), Receiver: 2.0A (max. audio)

10. Dimensions: L240H70W200mm

  • Transmitter

1. Output power: 150 / 60W

2. Carrier suppression: - 40dB

3. Unwanted sideband suppression: - 45dB

4. Harmonic component: - 40dB

5. Parasitic components: - 60dB

  • Receiver

1. Sensitivity


30dBuV emf0.5~1.59999MHz

13dBuV emf1.6~1.79999MHz

8dBuV emf1.8~29.9999MHz


13dBuV emf1.6~1.79999MHz

8dBuV emf1.8~29.9999MHz


44dBuV emf0.5~1.59999MHz

30dBuV emf1.6~1.79999MHz

24dBuV emf1.8~3.9999MHz

DSC Receiver Sensitivity

20dB 2uV(all channels)

2. Spurious response: receiver 70dB, DSC receiver: 60dB

3. Total distortion factor: 5%

4. Block: 100dBuV

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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