Marine Class-A Universal AIS

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Marine Class-A Universal AIS

Marine Class-A Universal AIS

This product is a universal ship bone AIS. It provided automatic exchange of navigational information with other ship or shore station to ensure the safety of navigation. This device complies with A.694 (17), IEC62287-1 2006-03 standard requirements. It consists of transceiver unit, display control unit, VHF antenna and GPS antenna and related accessories. Transceiver unit consists of 1 VHF transmitter, 2 TDMA receivers, a channel 70 DSC receiver, an interface, a communication processor and a built-in GPS receiver.


1. Automatic Identification System(AIS)function

2. Target ship approaching alarm function

3. Target ship information display function

4. GPS navigation function


  • Main unit

1. RF unit: 1 transmitter / 3 receivers

2. Frequency range: 156.025-162.025MHz

3. Channel bandwidth: 25KHz or 12.5KHz

4. Frequency tolerance: 1000Hz

5. Display screen: FSTN122 (W) 92 (H) mm (6.0 inches)

6. Power supply: 12V DC or 24V DC

7. Operating Temperature: -15 ~ +55

8. Dimensions: 235 (W) x 145 (H) x 70 (D) mm

  • AIS transmitter section

1. Output power : 2W or 12.5W changeable

2. Modulation spectrum: <-25dBw / <-60dBw

3. Modulation accuracy: <3400Hz (bit 0,1) , 2400Hz480Hzbit 2,3, 2400Hz 240Hz (bit 4-199 or 00001111 bit format) , 1740Hz 175Hz (0101-bit format)

4. Power comparison time

Transmit delay: 2083us (normal transmit a period of time)

Increase the time: 313us

Decrease the time: 313us

Continuous transmit time: 323333us

5. Spurious emissions :-36dBm (9KHz-1GHz) , -30dBm1GHz-4GHz

  • AIS receiver section

1. Reference sensitivity: -107dBm (package error rate 20%)

2. High input tolerance: -77dBm (package error rate 2%)

3. Co-channel interference: 10dB (package error rate 20%)

4. Adjacent channel selectivity: 70dB (package error rate 20%)

5. Spurious response interference: 70dB (package error rate 20%)

6. Inter-modulation response interference: 65dB (package error rate 20%)

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Marine Class-A Universal AIS

Dimensions of Marine Class-A Universal AIS

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