VHF DSC Radio Phone

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VHF DSC Radio Phone

VHF DSC Radio Phone

Product features:

1. Includes all channels specified in ITU-RR(NOAA Weather channel)

2. Dual/triple watch function and tag scan function built-in

3. 20 MMSI number in 2 groups-MMSI number save, edition and call function

4. Latitude/longitude display function when connected with GPS

5. Over 160 characters can be seen in one large LCD

6. Priority selection of Channel 16 and adoption of noise free mic

7. Compact and light design for any-where installation

General specifications:

1. Tx frequency: 151.000159.150MHz

2. Rx frequency: 151.000163.275MHz

3. Communication mode: simplex and semi-duplex

4. Number of channel: 183(ITU55, USA57, CAN61, WEA10)

5. Type of emission: FM(16K0G3E), DSC(16K0G2B)

6. Frequency stability: 10ppm(-20桫+60)

7. Antenna impendence: 50

8. Consumed currency: Tx high 5.5A max, MAX. audio 1.5A max(13.6V)

9. Power supply: DC 24V(DC1831.2V), AC100120V, AC200240V

Transmitter specifications:

1. Antenna output: high 25W, low 1W

2. Starting mode: synthersizer mode

3. Modulation mode: variable reactance frequency modulation

4. Occupancy band width: within 16KHz

5. MAX. frequency deviation: 5KHz

6. Spurious emission: over 70dB

7. MIC input impedance: 2K

Receiver specifications:

1. Receiving mode: double conversation super heterodyne

2. Receiving sensitivity: 0.32uV(20dB SINAD), 0.22uV(12dB SINAD)

3. Squelch sensitivity: less than 0.22uV

4. Spurious emission: less than -70dB

5. Residual noise level: less than -40dB

6. Audio output: 4.5W/4

DSC watch keeping receiver specifications:

1. Receiving frequency: 156.525MHz

2. Radio wave mode: G2B

3. DSC modulation speed: 1200 baud(within 600Hz3010-6Freq.)

4. DSC modulation mode: FSK

5. DSC modulation quotient: within m=210%

6. Adjacent channel select: less than 10-2Bit error rate

7. Spurious response: less than 10-2Bit error rate

8. Inter-modulation response: less than 10-2Bit error rate

9. Dynamic range: less than 10-2Bit error rate


VHF DSC Radio Phone


VHF DSC Radio Phone

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