Class-A Standard GMDSS VHF DSC Radiotelephone

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Class-A Standard GMDSS VHF DSC Radiotelephone

Class-A Standard GMDSS VHF DSC Radiotelephone

This product is a high performance VHF radiotelephone, capable of voice communication and DSC (digital selective calling) facilities as well. Conforming to Class A standard set for VHF DSC by ITU and IMO regulation, this radiophone can be part of onboard GMDSS package for vessels of A1, A2 or A3.



    Transceiver Unit with Speaker Microphone

    Installation Material and Spare Parts


Power supply unit

External speaker

VHF antenna (one for TX/RX, one for DSC watch)


  • Frequency range

Transmit: 156.025-157.425MHz

Receive: 156.025-163.275MHz

  • Tx power: 25W and 1W

  • Modulation: G3E (voice), G2B (DSC)

  • Rx sensitivity: 1µV at 20dB SINAD
  • Interface

Input: GPS signal (RMC, GGA, GNS, GLL)

Output: (S) VDR_TX, (S) VDR_RX, Speaker

  • Power supply: 13.8V DC, 5.5A max.
  • Operating environment:


Humidity: less than 93%

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