5.7-inch HD FSTN LCD Marine AIS

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5.7-inch HD FSTN LCD Marine AIS

5.7-inch HD FSTN LCD Marine AIS


1. AIS Class-A standard

2. Automatically operating and connecting AIS wireless network without human intervention

3. Providing 8 RS422 serials, complying with NMEA-0183 standard

4. 828VDC power supply

5. Max. instantaneous power less than 40W, average power consumption no more than 2W

6. Compact aluminum case with good tightness and heat dispersion making it enables to work in the hazard marine environment for a long time

7. Light weight and easy to install, less than 3.5kg

8. Dimensions: 280(mm)x160(mm)x125(mm)

9. International standard data interface

10. 5.7-inch HD FSTN LED LCD, Chinese/English display interface



1. Frequency range: 156.025MHz to 162.025MHz

2. Channel bandwidth: 25KHz/12.5KHz

3. Transmitting power: 12.5W/2.5W

4. Receiving sensitivity: -107dBm

5. Modulation type: GMSK/FM

6. VHF antenna connector: BNC

7. Output impedance: 50

8. Frequency stability: 5ppm

9. Spurious response rejection: 70dB

Built-in DSC Unit

1. Type: 12 channels GPS receiver

2. Updating rate: 1s

3. Position accuracy: <10m

4. GPS antenna connector: TNC

Power supply

1. Output voltage: 24VDC(+30%-10%)

2. Power consumption: 12W (receiving), 40W(transmitting)


1. Operating temperature: -15 to +55

2. Storage temperature: -30 to +70

3. Vibration/EMC: IEC 60945

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