GMDSS Marine VHF Radiophone with DSC

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GMDSS Marine VHF Radiophone with DSC

GMDSS Marine VHF Radiophone with DSC

The product is a high-performance 25 W or 1 W marine VHF radiotelephone with DSC (Digital Selective Calling) facilities. Compact, stylish and waterproof, this unit is ideal for the panel or tabletop installation in the cockpit or on the open fly bridge. This marine radio employs a large channel selector and knobs for volume and squelch adjustments for easy operation. The selected channel is displayed with large and bold number on a bright LCD. Connected with an appropriate GPS receiver, the ships position and time (UTC and local) can be displayed. This feature ensures the transmission of your location in an emergency or when you are attempting to connect a fellow vessel.

The DSC uses a digital signal like MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) and working frequencies to send and receive specific information, so that a call is addressed to a designated user or group that has DSC facilities. In an emergency, you can transmit the distress alert by simply pressing the dedicated distress button. The distress alert is acknowledged by coastal stations or ship's equipped with DSC capability.


1. Frequency coverage

Transmit 156.025 to 157.425 MHz

Receive 156.050 to 163.275 MHz

2. Mode: FM (16K0G3E), DSC (16K0G2B)

3. Channel spacing 25 KHz

4. Frequency Stability 10ppm

5. Operating temperature: -15C to +55C

6. Waterproofing: IPX5 (IEC 60529)

7. Power supply: 12V DC, 5.5A max.

8. CCS approved


1. Output power: 25W and 1W

2. Modulation system: variable reactance phase modulation

3. Frequency stability 10ppm

4. Max. frequency deviation: 5.0 KHz

5. Spurious emissions: -70dBc


1. Receiver system: double conversion superheterodyne

2. Sensitivity: 0.22uV (12dB SINAD)

3. Squelch sensitivity: 0.22V

4. Inter-modulation rejection ratio: 75 dB

5. Spurious response rejection ratio: 75 dB

6. Adjacent channel selectivity: 75 dB

7. Audio output power: 4.5 W (at 10% distortion)


Interface (NMEA0183 ver. 2.0/3.01)

1. Input RMC, GGA, GNS, GLL,

2. Output DSC*, DSE*

*NMEA0183 ver. 3.01 only

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