NAVTEX Receiver

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NAVTEX Receiver

NAVTEX Receiver


1. Receiving Frequency: 518 KHz (international frequency), 490 KHz, 486 KHz and 4209.5 KHz (domestic frequency).

2. Operating mode: FIB

3. Sensitivity: less than 2uV e.m.f50ohm, error rate less than 4%

4. Receiving selectivity: 300Hz (6dB band width), 2KHz(60dB band width)

5. Spurious emission: 4nW (50 ohm)

6. Voltage: DC9-16V/3A or DC9-38V/3A(optional)

7. IP grade: IP45

8. Display resolution: 320*240(6-inch LCD display)

9. External interface: an INS interface, a MENA or NMEA interface, a print output interface,

10. Audio power: 5W/8(adjustable)

11. Operating temperature: 20桫60


1. When the error rate is more than 33%, the receiver does not store or display the message information and information identification.

2. Each receiver can store 600 information identifying code.

3. After 60-72 hours, the receiving information is automatically cleared from memory. If the receiving information exceeds the storage capacity, former information cleared first.

4. Standard: IEC61162, CCS

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NAVTEX Receiver

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