500W Marine Full-duplex MF & HF Radiotelephone

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500W Marine Full-duplex MF & HF Radiotelephone

500W Marine Full-duplex MF & HF Radiotelephone

This product is the new 500W full-duplex MF/HF radiotelephone for general and distress communication, which satisfies the carriage requirement for application in the GMDSS A3-A4 sea areas. In addition to radiotelephone operation, DSC (digital selective call) both on general and distress communication is available with an internal DSC Watch Receiver. This 500W MF/HF radiophone works on authorized transmission frequencies between 1.6 and 27.5MHz. Receiving frequencies can be selected between 100KHz and 30MHz in 10 Hz steps. The transmission and receiving frequencies can be selected separately or in pair.


1. Distress, safety and routine communications

2. Fully meets GMDSS carriage requirements

3. Instant selection of 256 preset channels with a rotary knob or direct keyboard input

4. 160-character message on high-legibility LCD

5. 500 W MF/HF radiotelephone with DSC facility

6. File editing for ready transmission of DSC messages

7. Full-duplex communications

8. GPS position automatically fed to distress call

9. NBDP modem incorporated (Optional Supply)

10. Simplified operation with use of a rotary knob

11. Flexible installation thanks to component system configuration

12. Standards: MF/HF/DSC

13. CE mark: N/A


  • General characteristics

1. Rules and Regulations: IMO A.806 (19), MSC 68(68) Annex 3, IEC 61097-3 Annex A, IEC 61162-1 (2000), IEC 60945 (2002), EN 300 373-1 (2002), EN 300 338 (2004), EN 301 033 (2005), ETS 300 067A1 (1998), ITU-R M.493-11, M.541-9, M.476-5, M.491-1, M.492-6, M.625-3, M.1173-3

2. Frequency Range: Tx: 1.6-27.5 MHz (100 Hz steps), Rx: 0.1-30 MHz (10 Hz steps)

3. Number of Channels: 256 user-specified channels plus ITU, SSB/TELEX channels

4. Communication Mode: Full-duplex, Semi-duplex or Simplex

5. Class of Emission: J3E, J2B (F1B)

  • Transceiver

1. RF Output Power: 500 W pep

2. Antenna: 7 to 18 m, whip or wire

3. Tuning Speed: 2 to 15 sec.

4. Sensitivity: +7 dB (4-27 MHz, J3E)

  • DSC

1. Receiving Frequency: all DSC frequencies in MF/HF

2. MessageStorage

- Receive: 50 messages max., 50 non-distress messages

- Transmit: 50 messages, telephone NO., frequency, etc.

  • Interface: IEC 61162-1
  • Power supply: 24 VDC receive 3 A, transmit 60 A 100/220 VAC, with an optional Rectifier PR-850A

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