Semi-duplex 25W VHF Radiophone with CH70 Watch Receiver

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Semi-duplex 25W VHF Radiophone with CH70 Watch Receiver

Semi-duplex 25W VHF Radiophone with CH70 Watch Receiver


1. Fully meets ITU, IEC, ETSI, IMO for GMDSS and other national standards

2. Compact all-in-one unit design includes a 25W radiotelephone, Class A DSC modem and CH70 watch receiver

3. Superb voice quality by employing the lower-noise-designed speaker

4. Dual/multiple watch on selected channels while monitoring CH16

5. Quick access to CH16 key

6. Automatic entry of own ship position and time form a GPS navigator

7. Easy channel readout with large characters

8. ATIS mode available for inland waterways

9. Connects to an office or home via existing PSTN(public switched telephone network)

10. Simple interface with a printer and VDR(No need for a dedicated Junction Box)

11. Standard: EN301 925 V1.1.1(2002.09), EN300 698-1 V1.2.1(2000.08), EN300 338 V1.2.1(1999-04)


  • General characteristics

1. Class of emission: G3E (radiophone), G2B (DSC)

2. Communication system: simplex/ semi-duplex

3. Channel: all VHF channels, all channels in FCC Part 80, Max. 20 private channels, 10 weather channels

4. Display: 22 characters¡Á10lines, character 7¡Á11 dots, backlit LCD

5. Power supply: 24V DC, 0.6A (Standby), 1.6A (Rx), 4.7A max. (Tx)

6. Operating temperature: -15 ¡æto +55¡æ

7. Waterproofing: IPX4(transceiver unit/hand set)

  • Transmitter

1. Frequency range: 155.000-161.475MHz

2. RF output power: 25W and 1W

3. Frequency stability: less than ¡À1.5KHz

4. Time-out timer: deactivates the transmitter after an uninterrupted transmission of more than 5 minutes

  • Receiver

1. Frequency range:

Simplex: 155.000-159.600MHZ

Semi-duplex: 161.475-164.200MHz

2. Receiving system: double-conversion superheterodyne

3. AF output power: 3W(4¦¸ loudspeaker), 2nW (150¦¸ handset)

4. Audio response: De-emphasis of 6dB/oct+1/-3dB

5. Sensitivity: less than 6dB at SINAD 20dB

6. Adjacent channel selectivity: 70dB

  • DSC section

1. Message log:

Receive: 50 distress messages and 50 non-distress messages

Transmit: 50 messages

2. Storage: 100 files

3. Interface: Nav data: IEC 61162-1, Printer: centronics

4. Alarm: audible and visual on receipt of a DSC call(one dedicated output port also available )

5. Receiver characteristics:

DSC frequency: CH70

Calling sensitivity: symbol error rate 10-2, input 0dB

Watch keeping: continuous watch on CH70

IF: 38.3625MHz and 37.5MHz

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