250W & 400W MF/HF DSC Radio Equipment

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250W & 400W MF/HF DSC Radio Equipment

250W & 400W MF/HF DSC Radio Equipment


1. Remote control by compact controller

2. Built-in self-test and easy maintenance owing to module unit

3. Dual-type, operable at indication panel and keyboard

4. Certified to ITU, IMO, CCIR

5. Compact and light weight designed for easy installation

6. Auto-marching can be preset to all bands

7. Frequency synthesizer with digital display

8. Built in DSC watch keeping receiver, DSC, NBDP, and automatic battery charger



1. Frequency range: Tx: 1.6 - 27.5MHz in 100Hz step, Rx: 1.6 - 27.9MHz in 10Hz step

2. Tx/Rx channel: all ITU channels

3. Memory channel: 2,000 channels

4. Frequency stability: within 10Hz (0.3ppm)

5. Mode of emission: J3E, H3E, F1B, J2B, A1A

6. Communication mode: simplex and duplex

7. Operating temperature: 15 to 50

8. Power supply: AC 110/220V, 50/60Hz & DC 24V


1. Output Power: 250W(SRG-250)/400W (SRG-400)

2. Modulation mode: low power level modulation type

3. Occupation frequency band range: within J3E, H3E 3KHz; within F1B, J2B, A1A 0.5KHz

4. 2 tone alarm: 1300Hz, 2100Hz


1. Receiving type: synthesized double superheterodyne

2. Mode of emission: J3E, H3E, R3E, FQB, J2B, F3C, A1A

3. Image disturbance rate: more than 70dB

4. Input impedance: 50

DSC Receiver

Frequencies: 2187.5, 4207.5,6312, 8414.5, 12577,16804.5KHz

Mode of emission: F1B, J2B

Frequency stability: within 10Hz

Speed of modulation: 100BAND


1. Type of modulation: phrase sequence AFSK

2. Intermediate frequency: 1700Hz

3. Speed of modulation: 100BAND (ARRQ, FEC MODE)

4. Frequency tolerance: within 0.5Hz

5. Mark: 7 units CORD 4B/3Y MARK signal


1. Type of printing: heat sensitive serial dot type

2. Character composition: 9.7 DOT WIDE

3. Number of printing character: 40 (standard size), 80(small size)

4. Width of printing: 89.6mm

5. Width of paper: 112mm

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