Marine VHF Radio

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Marine VHF Radio

Marine VHF Radio

  • Main function

1、Dual-Watch and Tri-Watch

2、All US, International and Canadian, 10 Weather Channels

3、One button change Channel 16 and Channel 9

4、Except 88 dedicated channels, 100 self-programmable channels

5、Priority scan

  • Overall Specifications

1、Frequency Range : Tx: 156.025Mhz-157.425Mhz

Rx: 156.050Mhz-163.275Mhz

2、All US, International and Canadian , 10 Weather Channels

3、Number of channels: 88

4、Channel spacing: 25 KHz

5、Modulation method: FM16K0J3E

6、Operating temperature: C20<C to +60<C

7、Power Supply: DC 13.8V

8、Dimensions: 152W〜67H〜144Dmm

9、Weight: 0.9Kg

  • Transmitter Specifications

1、Output power: + 25W / 1W

2、Frequency tolerance: + \10ppm

3、Modulation limit: + \5KHz

4、Spurious emissions: + - 65dB

5、Tx Current consumption: High + 6.0A , Low + 1.5ADC13.8V

6、Audio distortion此 7%

  • Receiver Specifications

1、Reference sensitivity: + 0.2μV12dB

2、Squelch sensitivity: + 0.15μV

3、Modulation receiver bandwidth: − 2〜5KHz

4、Adjacent Channel Selectivity: − 65dB

5、Intermodulation rejection ratio: − 58dB

6、Spurious response: − 65dB

7、Audio output power: − 2.5W8Ω

8、Audio distortion: + 7%

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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