GMDSS MF/HF Marine SSB Transceiver

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GMDSS MF/HF Marine SSB Transceiver

GMDSS MF/HF Marine SSB Transceiver


1. Built-in DSC

2. Industry standard 110mm220mm size remote controller

3. Large backlit, dot-matrix LCD display with 10 selectable lighting levels

4. Digital signal processing

5. 12V or 24V power supply available

6. Automatic antenna tuner, AT-141

7. 125W(PEP) of output power

8. 1195 channels



1. Frequency range:

-Rx: 0.5-29.9999MHz

-Tx: 1.6-2.9999, 4.0-4.9999, 6.0-6.9999, 8.0-8.9999, 12.0-13.9999, 16.0-17.9999, 18.0-19.9999, 22.0-22.9999, 25.0-27.5000MHz

DSC: 2.1875, 4.2075, 6.3120, 8.4145, 12.5770, 16.8045MHz

2. Operating mode: J3E(USB/LSB), J2B(AFSK), F1B(FSK, DSC), A1A(CW), H3E(AM), LSB, A1A and H3E mode is only used for receiving

3. Number of memory channel: 1205 max. ( 160 programmable channels, 249 ITU SSB dual-frequency channels, 124 ITU SSB single-frequency channels, 662 ITU FSK dual-frequency channels, 10 SEMI channels )

4. Antenna impedance: 50

5. Power supply: 21.6-31.2V DC, Tx max. power 30A, Rx max. audio less than 3A

6. Temperature range:15 to55

7. Frequency stability: 10Hz

8. Weight: approx. 8.5kg


1. RF output power: 1.6-3.999MHz 85W, 4.0-27.500MHz 125W

2. Spurious emission: 43dB

3. Carrier suppression: 50dB

4. Microphone interface: 8 core, 2.4k


1. Sensitivity (at 20dB SINAD, emf)

Frequency range

J3E, A1A

J2B, F1B




30dB uV

44dB uV

0dB uV (at 1% error rate)


13dB uV

13dB uV

30dB uV


8dB uV

8dB uV

24dB uV


2. Clutter suppression: more than 50dB

3. Audio output power (at 24V DC): 4.0W, 10% distortion rate, 4

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