Ship VHF Transceiver

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Ship VHF Transceiver

Ship VHF Transceiver



  • Frequency coverage: Transmit 156.025-157.425MHz, Receive 156.050-163.275MHz
  • Mode: FM(16K0G3E), DSC(16K0G2B)
  • Channel spacing: 25KHz
  • Current drain(at 13.8V): Tx(at 25W) 6.0A max., Max. audio 1.2A max.
  • Power supply requirement: 13.8V DC15%
  • Frequency stability: 10ppm
  • Operating temperature: -20桫+60
  • Dimensions: 165(W)110(H)109.4(D)mm
  • Weight: 1130g


  • Output power: 25W(high), 1W(low)
  • Modulation system: variable reactance frequency modulation
  • Max. frequency deviation: 5.0KHz
  • Spurious emissions: less than -70dBc(high), less than -56dBc(low)
  • Adjacent channel power: >70dB


  • Receive system: double conversion superheterodyne
  • Sensitivity(12dB SINAD): 0.25uV(typical)
  • Squelch sensitivity: <0.3uv
  • Intermodulation rejection ratio: >80dB
  • Spurious response rejection ratio: >80dB
  • Adjacent channel selectivity: >80dB
  • Audio output power: 3.5W(typical) at 10% distortion with a 4 load

Note: All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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