When the vessel is in distress, the EPIRB will be automatically ejected from the release device and transmit 406MHz emergency signal. After received by the system satellite Cospas or Sarsat, the signal will be communicated to the shore-based terminal. Then LUT (Local User Terminal) will decoding and analyze the position and conveys it to the RCC (rescue center) in order to implement the emergency. This emergency position indicating radio beacon designed according to the latest national and international standards for domestic and international various vessels.


1. Class: 2

2. EPIRB is designed for operation within the COSAPS£≠SARSAT international satellite system

3. It fully meets the latest issues of COSAPS£≠SARSAT technical specification and is recommend by IMO

4. Years of innovation in 406MHz COSAPS£≠SARSAT technology have allowed to develop the smallest EPIRB with ultra low power consumption.

5. 5 years warranty


1. Main technique data:

Activation method: Automatic and manual

Operating temperature range: -20 °„C ~ +55 °„C

Storage temperature range: -40 °„C ~ +65 °„C

Battery: 2 Lithium cells of D Size, 4 years warranty

Operation hours: -20°ś48 hours or +20°ś80hours

Outer shell: ABS plastic

Size: ¶’140/231.5mm (not contain antenna)

Weight: <1.7kg

Lighting: 20 times per minute (minimum 0.75 cd)

2. 406 MHz satellite transmitter:

Output frequency: 406.028MHz °ņ 1 KHz

Output power: 5W (37dBm) °ņ 2dB

Phase modulation: peak 1.1rad °ņ 0.1rad
Encoding: biphasic L coding

3. 121.5 MHz find bits transmitter:

Output frequency: 121.5MHz °ņ 3 KHz

Output power: > 50mW (+17dBm)

Phase manner: A3X

Transmit duty cycle: 100% (continuous emission)

4. GPS satellite positioning system

Receive Channel: 50


Positioning accuracy: 2.5m

Hot start: <1s

Antenna Vertical Whip

5. Recognized standards:

CCS, IEC 61097-2-2008, IMO A.810-19, C/S T.001, T.007, IEC 61097, IEC 60945, ETSI EN 300 006

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Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

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