150W MF & HF Single Side Band Radio Station

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150W MF & HF Single Side Band Radio Station

150W MF & HF Single Side Band Radio Station


1. Built-in DSC

2. Approved by IMO and GMDSS requirements

3. Easy to install on the boat

4. Email communication via modem connecting with personal computer

5. Easy operation, the single large knob using to frequency control, mode setting and Tx power changing

6. DSP technology improving the noise reduction and interference rejection


  • General

1. Frequency range: transmit: 1.6 to 27.5MHz, receive: 0.1 to 29.9999MHz

2. Frequency increments: 100Hz

3. Frequency tolerance: 10Hz or better

4. User definable channels: 200 channels (10 groups)

5. Preset ITU channels: 1722 channels (SSB: 283, F1B: 920, A1A: 519)

6. Emission mode: J3E A1A, F1B:920 A1A:519 and H3E(reception only)

7. Scanning channel: 20 user defined channels

8. Communication mode: simplex and semi-duplex

9. Antenna impedance: 50

10. Operating temperature: -15 to +55

11. Supply power: DC13.6V10%, (12.3VDC to 15.0VDC ), negative grounded

12. Power consumption: Tx: 40A max. , Rx: 2A max.

13. Compass safe distance: 1.5m

14. Dimensions: 250mm(W)100mm(H)260mm(D)

15. Weight: approx. 7.4kg

  • Transmitter

1. Output power: 100W(1.6 to 4MHz), 150W(4 to 27.5MHz)

2. Occupied bandwidth: J3E: 3KHz or better, F1B, A1A: 05.KHz or less

3. Carrier suppression: 40dB

4. Spurious suppression: 43dB

5. AF frequency response: 350 to 2700Hz(60dB bandwidth)

  • Receiver

1. Microphone input: 600ohms

2. Line input: 600ohms, 0dBm(balanced)

3. Receiving system: triple superheterodyne

4. Intermediate frequencies: 70.455MHz, 455Mhz, 20.217MHz

5. Sensitivity(SINAD 20dB):

J3E: 6.3uV or better (1.6 to 4MHz), 3.5uv or better (4 to 27.5MHz)

F1B: 1.8uV or better (1.6 to 4MHz), 1.0uV or better (4 to 27.5MHz)

6. Selectivity:

J3E: 6dB bandwidth 2.4 to 3KHz, 66dB bandwidth within 2.1KHz

F1B: 6dB bandwidth 270 to 300Hz, 60dB bandwidth within 550Hz

7. Spurious response: 60dB or better

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