Marine Professional Walkie Talkie

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Marine Professional Walkie Talkie

Marine Professional Walkie Talkie


1. Easy to see LCD with large channel indication

2. Easy to use, easy to hold

3. Quick channel selection with favorite channel function

4. Li-Ion battery and charger standard

5. Optional speaker-microphone, HM165

6. Powerful 5W output power

7. Dual/Tri-watch functions

8. 4-step battery life indicator

9. Weather channel with weather alert

10. 2-step power saver

11. Auto scan function

12. Instant access to channel 16 or channel 9

13. Optional battery case for using with alkaline cells



•Frequency range: Tx 156.025每157.425MHz, Rx 156.050每163.275MHz

• Usable channels: INT, USA, CAN, WX channels

• Type of emission: 16K0G3E (FM)

• Current drain (at 7.4V DC): Tx at 5W output 1.5A, Rx AF max. 200mA typical

• Operating temperature range: 每20∼C to +60∼C; 每4∼F to +140∼F

• Antenna impedance: 50次 (STUD)

• Dimensions (W℅H℅D): 62℅141.5℅43 mm; (projections not included) 27⁄16℅59⁄16℅111⁄16 in

• Weight (approx.): 305g; 10.8oz (With BP-252, FA-SC58V and MB-109)


• Output power: 5W (High), 1W (Low), 2W (High, with alkaline cells)

• Max. frequency deviation : ㊣5kHz

• Frequency error: ㊣10ppm

• Spurious emissions: 每68dBc

• Adjacent channel power: 70dB

• Audio harmonic distortion: 10% (at 60% dev.)

• Residual modulation: 40dB


• Receive system: Double-conversion, superheterodyne

• Sensitivity (at 12dB SINAD): 0.25米V typical

• SQL sensitivity (at threshold): 0.35米V typical

• Adjacent Ch. selectivity: 70dB typical

• Spurious response: 70dB typical

• Intermodulation rejection: 70dB typical

• Hum and noise ratio: 40dB

• Audio output power: 0.35W typical at 10%, distortion with an 8次 load

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Marine Professional Walkie Talkie

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