Navigational Telex Receiver

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Navigational Telex Receiver

Navigational Telex Receiver

This NAVTEX receiver receives and displays various types of broadcast information at frequencies of 518 KHz, 490 KHz and 4209.5 KHz. The information includes navigational warning, meteorological warning, search and rescue information, and other types of information. It also provides the function of selecting information type and coast station for intended use. Fully meets IMO resolution MSC. 148(77) and IEC-6112 standard, this NAVTEX receiver is a necessary device for safe sailing.

Product features:

  • Receiving frequency

518 KHz, 490 KHz, 4209.5 KHz. 518 KHz is an international channel, while local channels can be selected form 490 KHz, or 4209.5 KHz.

  • Lager screen display, user-friendly interface

The operation menu can provides either Chinese or English version on the customer¡¯s choice and easy to use for domestic users based on 5.7-inch LCD display. Setting of menu are concise, simple operation and easy to understand.

  • Self-checking function

Boot self-checking can test the equipment automatically, guaranteeing the system for internal stability, reliability and maintainability.

  • Message storage

Receiver can store up to 200 messages per channel. It can automatically delete earliest information when the storage is full, and it can store 50 messages permanently per channel. The locked message can be eliminated only after manual unlock.

  • Select the launcher

The subject indicator character is used by the receiver to identify different classes of messages selected by the user.

  • Receiving sensitivity

less than 2¦̀V e.m.f. (50 ohm), error rate less than 4%

  • Dual power supply

DC12V or DC24V, voltage: 10V-30V, with over-voltage protection

  • Optional connection kit

Receiver can be connected to an external serial printer

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