250W Marine MF & HF Radio Equipment

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250W Marine MF & HF Radio Equipment

250W Marine MF & HF Radio Equipment


1. Fully complies with GMDSS requirements, IMO resolutions A.804(19) and A.806(19), suitable for radio installations of vessels navigating A2, A3, and A4 sea areas

2. Inadvertent distress alert protection: the distress button is protected by a cover to prevent inadvertent distress alert transmission

3. Built-in Battery charger

4. A built-in high grade self-check function

5. Built-in dummy load for ATU self-check

6. Outdoor installable antenna tuning unit


  • General

1. Frequency range: transmit: 1.6 to 27.5MHz, receive: 0.1 to 29.9999MHz (100Hz steps)

2. Frequency tolerance: 10Hz or better

3. User definable channels: 200 channels (10 groups)

4. Preset ITU channels: 1722 channels (TEL: 283, DSC: 29, TLX: 891, CW:519)

5. Scanning channel: 20 user defined channels

6. Communication mode: simplex and semi-duplex

7. Antenna impedance: 50

8. Operating temperature: -15 to +55

9. Supply power: 90 to 132VAC/180 to 264VAC, single-phase, 50/60Hz

10. Power consumption: Tx: 30A max. , Rx: 7A max.

11. Compass safe distance: 1.5m

  • Transmitter

1. Output power:

AC power source: 200Wpx (1.6 to 4MHz), 250Wpx (4 to 27.5MHz)

DC power source: 100Wpx (1.6 to 4MHz), 150Wpx (4 to 27.5MHz)

2. Occupied bandwidth:

J3E (TEL): 3KHz or better

F1B (DSC/TLX), A1A(CW): 05.KHz or better

  • Receiver

1. Receiving system: triple superheterodyne

2. Intermediate frequencies: 70.455MHz, 455Mhz, 20.217MHz

3. Sensitivity(SINAD 20dB):

J3E (TEL): 6.3uV or better (1.6 to 4MHz), 3.5uv or better (4 to 27.5MHz)

F1B (DSC/TLX): 1.8uV or better (1.6 to 4MHz), 1.0uV or better (4 to 27.5MHz)

4. Selectivity:

J3E (TEL): 6dB bandwidth 2.4 to 3KHz, 66dB bandwidth within 2.1KHz

F1B (DSC/TLX): 6dB bandwidth 270 to 300Hz, 60dB bandwidth within 550Hz

5. Clarifier range: 200Hz in 1Hz steps

  • DSC Watch Keeping Receiver

1. Receiving frequencies: 2187.5KHz, 4207.5KHz, 6312KHz, 8414KHz, 1257KHz, 16804.5KHz

2. Receiving system: double superheterodyne

3. Intermediate frequencies: 40.455Mhz, 455KHz

4. Reception mode: F1B

5. Sensitivity: symbol error rate of 1% or better at 1 micro-volt input

6. Frequency stability: within 10Hz after 1-minute warm-up

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