Handheld Two Way VHF Radio Phone

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Handheld Two Way VHF Radio Phone

Handheld Two Way VHF Radio Phone

This product is an ideal portable GMDSS survival craft handheld VHF radio phone for the professional user, it can also be used for general onboard communication. Powerful and very user-friendly, it is developed for the harsh environment at sea, whether aboard a large merchant vessel or a small fishing vessel.


1. Transmitting frequency: 155.000-163.425MHz

2. Receiving frequency: 155.000-161.450MHz

3. Number of channel: 23

4. Modulation type: 16K0G3E

5. Channel spacing: 25KHz

6. Frequency stability: 0.7KHz

7. Voltage: DC 7.2V

8. Antenna impedance: 50ohm

9. Battery life: 6 years

10. Operating temperature: -20桫55

11. Storage temperature: -30桫70

12. Water resistance: IP67

13. Weight: 340g

14. Dimension: (LWT) 276mm66mm52mm (including antenna)

15. Launching output power: 2W/1W

16. Maximum error: 5KHz

17. Spurious: <0.25uW

18. Adjacent channel power: >70dB

19. Receiving sensitivity: -117dBm

20. Intermodulation rejection: 70dB

21. Spurious Response Rejection: >70dB

22. Audio output power: 0.25W

Product structure:

Handheld Two Way VHF Radio Phone

Dimensions of Handheld Two Way VHF Radio Phone

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