VHF DSC Marine Radiotelephone

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VHF DSC Marine Radiotelephone

VHF DSC Marine Radiotelephone

General specifications

  • Tx frequency: 156.025~157.425MHz
  • Rx frequency: 156.050~163.275MHz
  • Communication mode: simplex and semi-duplex
  • Number of channel: 178(ITU-55,USA-53,CAN-60,WEA-10)
  • Type of emission: G3E,G2B
  • Frequency stability: 10ppm
  • Antenna impendence: 50
  • Operating voltage: 13.6VDC
  • Max. operating current: 6A

Transmitter specifications

  • Output power: 25W/1W
  • Starting mode: synthersizer mode
  • Modulation mode: VRFM (variable reactance frequency modulation)
  • Occupancy band width: <16KHz
  • MAX. frequency deviation: 5KHz
  • Spurious emission: >70dB
  • MIC impedance:2K

Receiver specifications

  • Receiving mode: DCSH
  • Receiving sensitivity: 0.32uV,0.22uV
  • Squelch sensitivity: <0.22uV
  • Spurious emission: <-70dB
  • Residual noise level: <-40dB
  • Audio distortion rate:<10%
  • Audio output: 4.5W/4

DSC watch keeping receiver

  • Receiving frequency: 156.525MHz
  • Radio wave mode: G2B
  • DSC modulation speed: 1200Baud
  • DSC modulation mode: FSK
  • DSC modulation quotient:
  • Adjacent channel select: <10-2Bit error rate
  • Spurious response: <10-2Bit error rate
  • Inter-modulation response: <10-2Bit error rate
  • Dynamic range: <10-2Bit error rate

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