Weather Buoy

Weather Buoy

Weather buoy is monitoring equipment that designed to measure the weather at sea. It is a real offshore meteorological station. Weather buoy is a long-term fixed monitoring buoy that continously get the meteorological and hydrological data from the vast sea and then instantly transmit the data to the monitoring center. It provides various parameters¡¯ real-time information for the reference of meteorological department. The weather buoy provides much valuable information for the analysis and prediction of typhoon or other disasters along the coast.

Application Field: Coatal Waters and larger area of the lake

Features of Weather Buoy

1. The buoy¡¯s design is mainly based on stablitity, making it sufficient to recover the moment support in the storm, small swing angle; excellent wind resistant ability, reaching minimum drag coefficient in strong wind;

2. Choosing good wind and weather sensors to improve the data reliability; increasing the security protection mechanism so that the sensor can stand the impact of strong wind and waves for a long time; triangular distribution support bracket structure is stable and can resist damage from typhoon

3. Can measure the following meteorological parameters: wind speed, wind direction, temperature, pressure, humidity, rainfall intensity, visibility; related hydrological parameters: wave(including wave direction) and water temperature; this improves the value of income data and is good for the analysis of air sea exchange process;

4. The buoy sends the real value information of all the data, the amount of each data is only about 1KB, which makes the communication mode diverse: UHF, GSM, GPRS, CDMA, satellite communications etc.; the data can be sent to mobile phone that also bring convenience to the management of the buoy.

5. Strong solar charge capacity makes one day charging in the sunny summer supply one week power consumption; sufficient amount of battery combination provides one months of sufficient power in the cloudy day;

6. The buoyancy chamber in the buoy is filled with non absorbent foam so that the buoy will never sink for a long-term use even if it faces an accident;

7. The use of wirelss alarm means to ensure the buoy can be found in time when it face any danger;

8. Give full play to the remote control technology to improve the convenience and flexibility of the use of the system.

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