Wave Buoy

Wave Buoy

Offshore wave buoy is a long-term and automatic wave measurement buoy system, which transmits the measurement data to the shore station and store the data in the buoy. This wave buoy is suitable for the use of marine environmental monitoring station, for the use of preliminary investigation of marine engineering and also can be used for some special needs.

Technical Index

1. Range and Error of the Measuring Parameters

Wave Height: 0~20m, 10%; laboratory inspection precision 3%

Wave Period: 2.0~30seconds 10; laboratory inspection precision 0.5seconds

Wave Direction: 0~36010; laboratory inspection precision 2(all root)

Water Temperature: -10~80 1

Observation Time: 1 time per 3 hours (if has no time ); 1 time per hour (through reomte control monitoring)

Sampling Frequency: 1HZ (if no time to check); 2HZ( remote control can change it)

2. Floating Body Diameter: 1.3m

3. Floating Body Weight: 150 kg

4. Floating Body Material:Stainless Steel

5. Deployment Depth: 4~30m, more than 30 meters with other anchor

6. Communication Distance:30km; receiving antenna height at 1m/km

7. Communication Range:410MHz

8. Transmitter Power: 2~5w

9. Communication System: MSK, synchronous system

10. Rate:2400bit/sec

11. According to the output data

a. Characteristics of Each Wave: Hmax; H;H(1/3);H(1/10)

b. Spectral Analysis: wave energy density spectrum

c. Direction Spectrum: wave direction energy density spectrum

d. Main Wave Direction

e. Wave Number

f. Water Temperature

g. Buoy Latitude and Longitude

h. Buoy Battery Voltage

i. The Original Data of All Parameters(decimal system)

12. Data Output Form

a. Data Form

b. Spectrum

c. Day and Month Report Sheet

13. All Kinds of Remote Control Commands

14. Power Supply System

Power is long-term supplied by solar cell, charge control panel and acid maintenance free sealed battery. If it is rainy weather, the buoy still can supply power for one month or more. The battery replacement cycle is 4 years.

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