North Cardinal Mark

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North Cardinal Mark

North Cardinal Mark

North cardinal mark is a sea mark or a buoy that is used to indicate the position of a danger or hazardous area. It helps the vessel sail more safely in the sea.

North cardinal mark is set at the northern direction of the danger or hazardous area. The northern side of this mark is navigable water. The ships that sail through here should keep sailing at the northern side of this mark.

Main Characteristics

1. Environmentally friendly

2. Maintenance free

3. Good impact resistance

4. Good corrosion resistance

5. No need painting for a long time

6. Self-lubricated

7. Lightweight with small inertia

8. Long service life

9. Stable performance

10. Large buoyancy, no water leakage


Shallow water, channel edges, sheltered water, open sea, deep harbors


The materials of the cardinal mark can be different according to customer¡¯s special requirements. Most of our buoys are made of UHMWPE material which has more advantages than other materials. The inner side of the buoy is filled with polyurethane closed-cell foam.


The diameter of the navigation marks is changeable, which depends on the specific needs of customers. It can be 0.6m, 0.8m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 3m, 3.5m etc.

Standard or Certificate


Packing or Shipping

Standard seaworthy package or as customer required. Short delivery after payment is made.

Our Services

Our company is a at least 7 years experienced supplier in marine equipment. We¡¯ve got high reputation from our customers from all over the world.

Our company aims to provide the best service to meet out customer¡¯s special requirements. If you face any problem about the products, please feel free to contact us. No matter the problem is before you buy our products or after. We¡¯ll try our best to help you solve the problem.

We not only sell standard products, but also provide customized products according to customer¡¯s special design.

For us, customer¡¯s satisfaction with our products and service is the most important.

Features of Cardinal Mark


North Cardinal Mark

East Cardinal Mark

South Cardinal Mark

West Cardinal Mark


Black up, yellow down

Black, with a yellow platband in the middle

Yellow up, Black down

Yellow, with a black platband in the middle


Column, or bar shape with a topmark


Two cones vertically set up and down

The direction of wo conical top-marks both points up

The direction of two conical top-marks pionts away from each other

The direction of two conical top-marks points down

The direction of two conical top-marks points towards each other


White light, continous faster flash

White light, continous faster flash 3 times, every 5 seconds

White light, contimous faster flash 6 times plus a long flash, every 10 seconds

White light, contimous faster flash 9 times, every 10 seconds

White light, continous fast flash

White light, continous flash 3 times, every 10 seconds

White light, contimous fast flash 6 times plus one long flash, every 15 seconds

White light, continous fast flash 9 times, every 15seconds

North Cardinal Mark

Diagram of Cardinal Marks

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