1200mm FRP Navigation Buoy

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1200mm FRP Navigation Buoy

1200mm FRP Navigation Buoy

Glass fiber reinforced plastic buoy is a new type of water navigation equipment, which is composed of a new environmentally friendly elastomer material, namely, high molecular composite material glass fiber reinforced plastics, metals and other materials.

Performance Features of FRP Navigation Buoy

1. Buoy body is made of new materials. Each part of the buoy is assembled with the structure which is light and compact; the weight of FRP buoy is just the same as the 1/5 of steel buoy, which makes it easy to transport and throw.

2. Buoy body is made of high elastic obturator foam composite layer in order to improve its impact resistance ability; can withstand constant crashing without damage; good anti-sinking resistance.

3. Excellent seawater and atomospheric corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, strong sunlight exposure, less parasitic marine lives and easy to clean them, long maintenance free period.

4. Material body self coloring, high visuality, long color retention time, good navigation performance;

5. Can be used in a variety of energy such as brine battery, solar power, zinc air battery; can be installed in all kinds of small lights

Detailed Specification of 1.2m FRP Navigation Buoy

1. Body Diameter: 1200m

2. Buoy Height: 3000mm

3. Freeboard Height: 600mm

4. Focal Plane Height: 2000mm

5. Buoy Weight: 240kgs

6. Light: 155 series Pharos

7. Energy: Solar Power

8. Optical Line of Light: 4

9. Throwing Depth: 1m~20m

1200mm FRP Navigation Buoy

1.2m FRP Navigation Buoy

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