Hydrological Monitoring Buoy

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Hydrological Monitoring Buoy

Hydrological Monitoring Buoy

This buoy is a meteorological hydrological monitoring buoy. It is used to measure hydrological and meteorological parameters in harbors, lakes and costal area where the water depth is within 30 meters, max. wind speed 36m/s, and flow rate 4 knot.


A. Polyurethance elastomer, internal stainless steel skelton

B. Filled with closed-cell foam that makes the buoy light weight

C. The material choosed ensures the buoy not being corroded and have excellent impact resistance

Power Supply:

Solar panels and maintenance free batteries supply energy to data acquisiton units and wireless data transmission modules. It can automatically transmit the data to the monitoring center through the GPS or satelite.

Color: the buoy is of high visibility. It can be colored red, green, whire or yellow as IALA recommends. It does not need painting.

Size: this buoy¡¯s diameter is 1.5m. But we can also supply other sizes of monitoring buoy according to your requirements.

Certificate: CCS/IALA

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Hydrological Monitoring Buoy

1.5m Hydorological Monitoring Buoy

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