Offshore Wave Buoy

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Offshore Wave Buoy

Offshore Wave Buoy

Wave buoy is an anchor data buoy whose body can move with the sea wave movement. The wave height, period and direction can be calculated according to the measurement results from the sensor in the buoy body.

Technical Index:

(1) Measurement Parameters

Wave Height: Range: 0~25m

Accurancy: Indoor¡À3%, At Sea¡À10%

Period: Range: 1~100s

Accurancy: Indoor¡À0.25%, At Sea¡À10%

(2) Measurement Method:

One Measurement Duration: 14min

Sampling Density during Measurement: 2 times per second

Measurement Time: 8 times a day(according to the need to change the remote control frequency to 24 times), that is, beginning taking samples at the time of one quarter to Beijing time respectively 02,05,08,11,14,17,20,23 o¡¯clock and then end at one minute before those o¡¯clocks.

(3) Data Transmission

Sending Time: every time sent around the whole time after measurement

Communication Frequency: 410MHz

Transmit Power: 5W

Symbol Transimission Rate: 2400 Baud

Anrenna Form:Buoy:High Gain Whip Antenna,5.5dB

The Shore Station: 5 directional antenna unit(Yagi antenna),8dB

Transimission Distance: within 30km. The transmission distance is generally proportional to the installation height (altitude) of the receiving antenna on the shore station. It is about 1km/m.

Sending Data Volume Each Time: 3.4k byte

(4) Data Storage

Buoy Data Storage Capacity: 12M bytes (equivalent to the data of one year)

(5) Power Supply

Battery: YUASA(Japan Yuasa) 12V-7Ah acid maintenance free sealed battery, 8 pieces

Battery Replacement Period: 4 Years

Continous Power Supply Capacity: when there is sunlight, long-term power supply; when it is continous rainy days,buoy can be maintained for 1 months

(6) Riding Light

Type: long life light emitting diade

Visual Distance: 2 nautical miles

Flash Rule: Morse Code ¡°O¡±

Flash Color: Orange

(7) Dimension Weight

Floating Body Diameter: 1.3m

Buoy Height: 0.44m

Upper Bracket Height: 0.98m

Lower Bracket Height: 1.12m

Flaoting Body Material: 1Cr18Ni9Ti Non magnetic stainless steel

Buoy Total Weight: 190kg ( including the weight of bracket and battery,not including the anchor system)

(8) Woring Environment

Water Depth of the Delivery Place : 6~100m

Ocean Current of the Delivery Place: less than 6kn

Operating Codition of the Ship: 50t motor boat, 1t crane

(9) Anchoring Method: Composite Anchor

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