Starboard Hand Buoy

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Starboard Hand Buoy

Starboard Hand Buoy

Starboard hand buoy is one type of lateral mark which is a sea mark used in maritime pilotage to indicate the edge of a channel.

Starboard hand buoy marks the right side of the channel or the location of a danger which must be kept on the vesselí»s starboard side when proceeding upstream.

Starboard hand buoy has a red light on the top and it is numbered by even numbers. The numbers usually increase as you go into the channel or head upstream.

Features of Starboard Hand Buoys under IALA B Standard

1. Marking Direction: Right Side of the Channel

2. Color: Solid Red

3. Shape: Conical, Pillar or Spar

4. Top Mark: A Conical Shape on Top

5. Marking Number: Even Numbers

Note: the diameter of the buoys is changable, which can be 0.8m, 1.0m, 1.2m etc.. It depends on the customer's specific need. We can also provide customized service for our customer in order to meet different requirements of the products.

Starboard Hand Buoy

Visual Bouyage-IALA B Standard

Starboard Hand Buoy

Starboard Hand Buoy (Right)

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