Meteorological Buoy

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Meteorological Buoy

Meteorological Buoy

Meteorological buoy is a monitoring equipment of water and weather on the sea. It makes routine measurements and transmit the data in real-time through satellites.

Measurement Parameters:

wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, air humidity, atmospheric pressure, currents, sea surface temperature and water temperature at various depths to 500 meters below the surface for certain types of moored buoys.

Functions of Meteorological Buoy

1. The meteorological data getting from the buoy can help forecast weather

2. The buoy data helps produce improved marine forecasts

3. This buoy can measure the sea surface temperature which can help fishermen at sea know where to look for fish.

4. Knowing the surface wind and ocean current information from the buoys help locate missing or overdue boats

5. Climate prediction, meteorological and oceanographic research

Specification of Meteorological Buoy

1. Body Diameter: 2100mm

2. Hull Thickness: 10mm/15mm

3. Freeboard: 450mm to 1400mm

4. Focal Plane Height: 1580mm to 7000mm

5. Reserve Buoyancy: 230kg to 11400kg

6. Buoying Depth: 2m to 70m

7. Mooring Chain: 32mm/ 43mm/38mm

8. Standard: IALA,CCS

9. Color: red, green,yellow or others for option

10. Material: Polyethylene

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