Mini Wave Buoy

Mini Wave Buoy

Mini wave buoy is designed with a radar reflector. Its hull is made from glass fiber reinforced plastics and has Photoluminescence coating, which makes the buoy face less accident collision and easy to be found.

Advantages of Mini Wave Buoy

1. Safety Design: Inner of the buoy is filled with floating foam; though face severe collision accident, it won¡¯t be soaked or sunk.

2. FRP Anti-aging Material: can be long-term used at sea; won¡¯t be rusty; not easy to maintain luster and other aspects better than other materials.

3. Can be newly designed at the foundation of the original products according to customer¡¯s special requirements

Buoy Performance and Idex

1. The Original Theory: Gravity Measurement, the use of Gravity Accelerometer

2. Wave Measurement Range: Height: 0~5meters; 0~10meters ( Automatic Range Conversion)

3. Wave Period: 1.5~2.5seconds

4. Error: the laboratory calibration is ¡Ü2%

The actual use on the sea is ¡Ü10%

5. Floating Body Diameter: 0.6m

6. Floating Body Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics

7. Buoy Weight: ¡Ü50kg (including battery)

8. Transmitter Power: 5w

9. Communication Distance:¡İ2km

10. Measurement Method: Continous

11. Data Storage Method: Data Transimission, Automatic Storage

12. Sampling Time: 25 minutes for each continous sampling, 5 minutes later for the next sampling

13. Sampling Density: 0~5m, 2 times/second; 0~10m, 1 times/second

14. Data Transimission Time: 1 minute after each sampling; each transimission time is less than 1 minute

15. Transmission Rate: 2400 Baut

16. Communication Frequency Range: 410MHz

17. Battery Life: ¡İ7 days (record 10 consecutive hours a day)

18. Self-recording Stroage Capacity: ¡İ70 hours the amount of sampling data

19. Reading Storaging Mode: Read from the serial port to the computer

20. Switching Operation Mode: (manual operation) control the general supply switch

21. Flash Function: in line with the standard of China¡¯s marine markers

Receiving and Data Processing

1. Receiving Mode: manual and automatic

2. Remote Control Receiving: sending the latest stored (25 minutes sampling) data within one minute after receiving the remote control instruction

3. Data Processing: (got from the database processing)

The Characteristic Value ¡ª the average wave height, maximum wave height, effective wave height, 1/10 wave height, average wave period, maximum wave period, effective wave period, 1/10 wave period

Wave Energy Spectrum Curve

Wave Height Curve

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