Emergency Wreck Marking Buoy

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Emergency Wreck Marking Buoy

Emergency Wreck Marking Buoy

Emergency wreck marking buoy is used to mark a new wrecks or newly discovered hazard not yet shown in nautical documents. It warns the passby ships and secure the safety of the navigation channels.

Emergency wreck buoy is not often seen for it is used as a temporary response. It is maintained in position until the wreck is known by most people and has be written in nautical publications; wuntil the wreck has been fully surveyed and exact details such as position and least depth above the wreck are known; until a permanent form of marking of the wreck has been carried out.

Characteristics of Emergency Wreck Buoy

1. Function: New Wreck Marker

2. Shape: Pillar or Spar Shaped Buoy

3. Color: in Equal Number and Dimensions of Blue and Yellow Vertical Stripes

4. Light: Alternating Blue and Yellow Flashes (Blue and Yellow Alternating 1 Second Flashes with an Interval of 0.5 seconds)

5. Topmark (if fitted): a Standing Yellow Cross

6. If multiple buoys are deployed, the lights should be synchronised

7. Size: 1.0m to 3.0m

8. Certificate: CCS/IALA

9. Material: UHMWPE

10. Application: River, Port, Open Sea,Fishing Area etc.

Emergency Wreck Marking Buoy

Emergency Wreck Buoy

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