FRP Marker Buoy

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FRP Marker Buoy

FRP Marker Buoy

FRP marker buoy is made of composite meterials including new elastic polyurea, polymer based composite glass fiber reinforced plastics, metal and others. It is better than steel buoys which need high maintenance cost, pollute environment and have short service life.

Features of FRP Marker Buoy

1. New material, assembled light-weight structure, convenience for transportation and deployment

2. High impact resistance, made from polyurea elastomer and high elastic foam layer compound; wonĄŻt be damaged after constant crashing; anti-sink ability

3. High seawater and atmospheric corrosion resistance; less adhered sea creatures for easy cleaning; long maintenance-free period

4. Material body coloring, eye-catching appearance, long color retention time and excellent navigation performance

5. Power Supply: brine battery, solar power, zinc air battery; various small lights can be installed

6. Size: mutiple sizes; can be customized according to meet different need

7. Color: red, orange, green or any other as you required

8. Application: open sea, river, port or other waters

9. Certificate: CCS/IALA

FRP Marker Buoy

FRP Marker Buoy

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