1800mm FRP Navigational Buoy

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1800mm FRP Navigational Buoy

1800mm FRP Navigational Buoy

FRP buoy is a navigational aids that used to help the ships sail safely at sea. It is made of green eco-friendly material - glass fiber reinforced plastic, steel and other composite materials.

Comparing with the steel buoy, FRP buoy is lighter weight than steel buoy. It is convenient for transportation.

FRP buoy has the features of excellent anti-impact ability, anti-sink ability, anti-saltwater and atmospheric corrosion, high temperature and strong sunlight resistance, long free maintenance time and so on. It has high visuality and is easy to be found at sea.

Specifications of 1.8m FRP Buoy

1. Body Diameter: 1800mm

2. Body Height: 5500mm

3. Freeboard Height: 750mm

4. Focal Plane Height: 3175mm

5. Draft Height:1980mm

6. Reserve Buoyancy: 1780kg

7. Air Weight: 900kg

8. Visual Area: 2.7ŠO

9. Max. Mooring Load: 1000kg

10. Color: Red, Green, Black, Yellow as specified

11. Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics, Polyurethane Closed-cell Foam

12. Applications: used for open seas, channels, harbours etc.

13. 10 Years longer Service Life

14. Certificate: CCS/IALA

1800mm FRP Navigational Buoy

1.8m Green FRP Navigation Buoy

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