Marine Polyurea Ice Buoy

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Marine Polyurea Ice Buoy

Navigation Ice Buoy

In winter, the sea surce is frozed and the summer navigation buoys cannot resist the floating ice at sea. Therefore, for the purpose of ensuring the safety of navigable waterway, the nagivation buoys are replaced by the ice buoys that have excellent ice resistance.

Ice Buoy Category: Steel Ice Buoy, Conical Polyurea Ice Buoy

Marine Polyurea Elastomer Ice Buoy

Polyurea ice buoy is manufactured from a new low maintenance material. It is better than the steel ice buoy for the steel ice buoy is only used in winter and need painting anti-rust oil or other maintenance.

1. Buoy Body Shape: port and starboard polyurea elastomer ice buoy has different shapes. The part of the port ice buoy above the waterline is pot-shaped; the part of the ice buoy above the waterline is cone-shaped. It improves the efficiency of the ice buoy in order to achieve the goal of long-term use.

2. Buoy Body Material: polyurea elastomer ice buoy body is solid structure. In the middle of the buoy, there is a steel pipe. The outside of the steel pipe is composed of elastic core and polyurea elastomer layer. The steel pipe, elastic core and polyurea elastomer layer is sealed closely and there is no gap among them. The elastic inner core is made of EVA composite plastic foam, which is of low density and large buoyancy, low water absorption. It can absorb much impact energy and itself has good physical property.

3. Techinical Parameters

Main Material

Polymer Composites

EVA Resin (High Foam)

Polyurea Elastomer

Shore A Hardness

50 Rockwell Hardness/HRM







Tensile StrengthMPA




Elongation at Break%




Splitting StrengthKN/M



Impact Strength



4. Advantages of Polyurea Ice Buoy

A. Polyurea ice buoy adopts the shape of port can and starboard cone, which is in line with the regulations of China sea signs. It is more efficient than steel ice buoy.

B. Poyurea ice buoy has the features of light weight, environmental protection, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and long maintenance cycle.

Marine Polyurea Ice Buoy

Polyurea Elastomer Ice Buoy

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