Multi-parameter Water Quality Monitoring Buoy

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Multi-parameter Water Quality Monitoring Buoy

Multi-parameter Water Quality Monitoring Buoy

1. Application Range:

Water quality monitoring buoy is mainly used for the water quality, hydrological and meteorological monitoring of lake, reservior, river and offshore water. It can be used with the mainstream intergrated water quality monitoring analyzer.

2. Features

This water quality monitoring buoy is specially designed for online hydrological, water quality and meteorological monitoring. It can be intergrated with a variety of sensors into the environmental online automatic monitoring system. It build a safe water quality monitoring early alarming system to monitor the water quality in a flexible and comprehensive way. This buoy is widely used in rivers, oceans, lakes, reservoirs and other fields.

A. Indepedence: Solar Power Supply

B. Flexibility: can be applied to all kinds of occasions

C. Simlicity: yellow pigment, UV stabilizers and antioxidants have been directly and uniformly integrated in the buoy body, no need to spray painting or grinding

D. Durablility: stainless steel material is smaller, lighter and better handling than tradition iron buoy; easier to operate and safer using; having the function of auto collision avoidance, no damage to the floating body when in maintenance and recovery.

E. Anti-corrosion Protection: unique cathode (target) protection

F. Wind and Wave Resistance: the buoy body has lower center of gravity, like the tumbler, it increases the equipment¡¯s stability so as to achieve the purpose of anti-windwave.

G. Extremely Durable, Save Energy: low maintenance and long service life on behalf of the entire life cycle of low cost; designed with two water quality analysis instrument installation position, convenient for the expansion of measurement parameters.

3. Technical Parameters

A. Floating Body Diameter: 1.3m, 2.2m high (with light frame)

B. Body Material: stainless steel

C. Buoy Shape: Pie Shaped

D. Total Buoyancy of Buoy: 650kg

E. Buoy Weight: 380kh

F. Residual Buoyancy: 270kg

G. Anchor Method: Single Point Type

H. Solar Pannel: 60W

I. Power Supply Capacity: 152AH(38AH 12V*4)

4. Buoy Configuration

Water quality monitoring buoy is mainly composed of the main structure, instrument room, power supply unit, auxiliary equipment and so on. The buoy body main structure as the carrier of a set of buoy water monitoring system provides the necessary installation space and environmental infrastructure platform for the apparatus and equipment required for the normal operation of the whole system; instrument room provides a waterproof sealing space for the system host including data acquisition, communication system, batteries and other devices installation; power suplly unit includes batteries and solar panels; auxiliary equipment mainly includes mooring systems, AIDS to navigation lights.

According to the actual situation, the configurable monitoring instrument mainly includes two multi-parameter water quality analyzers and related communication control equipment which complete the online monitoring of water quality indicators(including water temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, tubidity, ammonia nitrogen, chlorophyll a and blue-greem algae) and metrorology (temperature, humidity, wind speed, rainfall etc.).

A. Buoy Main Structure:

The buoy body structure is in the middle of the buoy body, composed of a sealed tank lid and a canbin body, which is convenient for instrument room to get fully protection from the body and then provides a seal waterproof space for the installation of host system including data acquisition, communication unit, batteries and other devices, to ensure the normal operation of the whole monitoring unit.

B. Instrument Room

The stainless steel barrel bottom of the instrument room directly contact with the water through stable hammer, which can balance the indoor temperature, make the tempertature keep at the appropriate level so as to prevent the damage of equipment by summer high temperature or winter low temperature. The instrument room and the main chamber is united by the water tight joint of the plate cover and be intsalled on the deck through flange mounting method. The instrument frames can be exchanged and the screw is matched with lock nut, which can prevent loosing and falling when in the long time use.

C. Power Supply Unit:

This system supplies solar power energy for the instruments. It does not need external power and is suitable for remote environment installation. It sends a data per 10 minutes and the battery theory power supply continues the time up to 30 days.

D. Axiliary Equipment

This monitoring buoy is equipped with the standard beacon light that is in line with the requirements of International Association of Lighthhouse Authorities and ensures that the buoy can make safety warning for passingby ships at night or under poor light weather conditions. In addition, the buoy is equipped with effective system for the fixed system and to set up an effective collision avoidance measurement when neccessary. By configuring the auxiliary equipment, the monitoring system of the water quality of the buoy can be monitored continuously.

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