Navigational Ice Buoy

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Navigational Ice Buoy

Navigational Ice Buoy

In winter, the sea surce is frozed and the summer navigation buoys cannot resist the floating ice at sea. Therefore, for the purpose of ensuring the safety of navigable waterway, the nagivation buoys are replaced by the ice buoys that have excellent ice resistance.

Ice Buoy Category: Steel Ice Buoy, Conical Polyurea Ice Buoy

Steel Ice Buoy

1. Buoy Body: Double Cone Shaped (Spindle Shaped), good to guide the ice and have good visual effect and a certain focal plane height. The buoy maintains its normal navigation function uner normal conditions of ice conditions (floating ice thickness is below 20cm); under the severe ice floating ice conditions (floating ice thickness is above 20cm), the buoy body is allowed to be pressed into the water by ices. If there is a gap, the buoy can go to the water surface and the light can shine as usual.

2. Anti-icing Ice Cover: Polycarbonate anti-icing ice cover; its function is to protect the lamp avoding being damaged or avoiding getting water into the sealed lamp battery box.

3. Power: lithium battery; can supply 4 months power in winter; has the features of small volume, light weight, high capacitance, being fully enclosed power supply etc..

4. Steel Ice Buoy Technical Parameters Sheet

Paramter Name

1.1m Steel Ice Buoy

1.4m Steel Ice Buoy

Ice Buoy Weight(T)



Ice Buoy Total Height(M)



Light Focal Plane Height(M)



Applicable Water Depth(M)



Visible Area(O)



Max. Wind Angle()



Equipped Chain(mm)



Equipped Sinker(T)



Equipped Lantern



Equipped Battery

Lithium Battery

Lithium Battery

5. Advantages of Steel Ice Buoy

A. Wide Application:Different specifacations of steel ice buoys is suitable for different water depth environment. The buoy can be fully put into the water, which reasonably reduce the length of anchor chains, narrow the radius of rotation.

B. High Reliability: the lithium battery and anti-icing ice cover can ensure the lamp holder well sealed and the make sure the lamp can shine as usual though it is pressed in the water.

C. High Universality. The ice buoys can be used as the same with normal light buoys. The protective lamp cover is suitable for LED light and HD-155 lights.

D. Low Cost and Economic. The buoy body is streamlined; it has the advantages of small volume, light weight, low cost.

E. Easy Maintainence and Safe.

Navigational Ice Buoy

Navigation Ice Buoy

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