Current Float Buoy

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Current Float Buoy

Current Float Buoy

After being deployed into water, current float buoy can constantly and automatically transmits the ADCP data to the shore station, which greatly reduces the burden of measurement work. This buoy can get all the data in disater weather such as under typhoon environment.

Main Technical Specification

1. Bouy Diameter: 1.8m

2. Material: 304 Stainless Steel with thickness 3mm

3. Buoy Shape: ball+bucket shape

4. Water Capacity: 3.13 tons

5. Total Weight: 0.6 tons

6. Anchoring Method: saddle chain double anchor

7. Water depth: within 100m; (if over 30m with other anchor system)

8. Shift Range: less than 20m (when water depth is 20m)

9. Flow resistance characteristics: flow rate is less than or equal to 7 section

10. Incline characteristic: less than 15 degree (adjusting heavy block weight when facing high current)

11. Wave environment: less than 5 meters

12. Communication mode: GPRS

13. Speed rate: 9600 baud

14. Data quantity: less than 1.6K bytes/each time

15. Data content: ADCP real-time flow velocity, latitude and longitude, safety parameters of buoy

16. Setting mode: manual setting by PC machine; GPRS remote control comman setting

17. ADCP working mode: PD8 format

18. Buoy power consumption: 24AH/day

19. Supplementary power: 12AH/day

20. Anchor Lamp distance: 6 nautical miles

21. Interface function: receive, save, real-time display, query, print, report,curve,alarm

22. Retention period: 1 year

23. Electric cycle: 4 years

Current Float Buoy

Flow Measurement Buoy

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