600mm FRP Navigational Marking Buoy

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600mm FRP Navigational Marking Buoy

600mm FRP Navigational Marking Buoy

FRP navigation buoy is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic with a isophthalic NPG gel coat exterior and unsaturated polyester resin interior with internal stainless steel bracing enhanced. It is environmentally friendly material and has high corroson resistance to avoid the damage to the buoy.

Maintenance: the buoy has great resistance of seawater and air corrosion, high temperature resistance, easy eradication of aquatic organisms. Therefore, the buoy has a long free maintenance period.

Color: FRP navigation buoy is self-colored. It has high visuality and the color maintains for a long time.

Energy: the buoy can be powered by brine battery, solar energy, zinc air battery etc..

Specifications of 0.6m FRP Navigation Buoy

1. Diameter: 600mm

2. Body Height: 2400mm

3. Freeboard: 420mm

4. Focal Plane: 1520mm

5. Draft: 800mm

6. Reserve Buoyancy: 120kg

7. Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics

8. Certificate: CCS/IALA

9. Color: yellow, red, green, black and white etc. for option

600mm FRP Navigational Marking Buoy

0.6m FRP Navigation Buoy

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