800mm FRP Navigation Buoy

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800mm FRP Navigation Buoy

800mm FRP Navigation Buoy

FRP navigation buoy is a navigation equipment that is better than steel navigation buoy. It is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic with closed-cell elastic foam polyurethane filled in the body. The FRP buoy has the features of environmental protection, long service life, low maintenance cost, convenient transportation, light weight, anti-corrosion, high impact resistance etc..

Specifications of 0.8m FRP Navigation Buoy

1. Buoy Diameter: 800mm

2. Body Height: 1760mm

3. Freeboard Height: 1000mm

4. Focal Plane Height: 1095mm

5. Main Body Weight: 70kg

6. Material: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics

7. Color: Red, Yellow, Green or any colors as you need

8. Certificate: CCS/IALA

9. Can be customized according to your special requirements

800mm FRP Navigation Buoy

800mm FRP Navigation Buoy

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