1500mm GFRP Navigation Mark Buoy

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1500mm GFRP Navigation Mark Buoy

1500mm GFRP Navigation Mark Buoy

The body of GFRP navigation buoy is made of glass fiber reinforced plastics and is embedded with metal skeleton to increase the rigidity and bearing capacity. The lifting rings and mooring rings are weled on the metal skeleton, improving the bearing capacity of the floating body.

The inner of the buoy body is filled with polyurethane foam plastic to ensure that the buoy body won¡¯t sink after being damaged.

Advantages of using material GFRP: be good in resisting seawater and atmospheric corrosion, high temperature, strong sunlight and marine life¡¯s autoeciousness. It also needs low maintenance cost for the buoy.

Specifications of 1.5m GFRP Navigation Buoy

1. Body Diameter:1500mm

2. Body Height: 3900mm

3. Freeboard Height: 600mm

4. Focal Plane Height: 2660mm

5. Draft: 1200mm

6. Reserve Buoyancy: 1000kg

7. Color: Red and White or other colors as you required

8. Certificate: CCS/IALA

9. Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics

1500mm GFRP Navigation Mark Buoy

Antenna Bracket and Top-mark of GFRP Buoy

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