1500mm Hydrology Buoy

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1500mm Hydrology Buoy

1500mm Hydrology Buoy

The 1.5m hydrology buoy is the monitoring equipment that can measure the water in real-time through its monitoring system.


1. High density elastic polyurethane

2. Internal steel skeleton

3. Closed-cell foam filled in the buoy body

Power: equipped with solar panels and maintenance-free batteries, can supply power to the buoy for a long time

Optional Equipments: various hydrological and weather monitoring instruments, data acquistion units and wireless data transmission modules

Transmition Method: automatically real-time transmit the data to the monitoring center through the GPRS satellite

Suitable Water Depth: within 30 meters, with the max. wind load 36m/s, max. Flow velocity 4 knots.

Main Features

1. Multi-parameter and multi-application real-time monitoring

2. High visibility

3. Good Mooring Capacity

4. Maintenance Free

5. Solar panels supply long term power/ energy for the monitoring

6. Excellent Collision Resistance

7. Great Impact Resistance

8. Painting according to IALA recommendations

9. Size: 1.5m or other diameters as required

1500mm Hydrology Buoy

1.5m Hydrology Buoy

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