2200mm Monitoring Hydrological Buoy

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2200mm Monitoring Hydrological Buoy

2200mm Monitoring Hydrological Buoy

The hydrological monitoring buoy is a real-time monitoring equipment of water. It automatically transmits the data to monitoring center through the GPRS satellite. This monitoring buoy gets a long-term power supply from the solar panels. It does not need manual operation. The data it transmitting is instant, accurate and reliable.

Features of Hydrological Monitoring Buoy

1. Real-time Monitoring System of Water

2. Solar Panels Supplying Long-term Power

3. Automatically Transmitting Data, No Need Manual Operation

4. Transmit Information to Monitoring Center through GPRS Satellite

5. Optional Equipment: Various Hydrological,Weather Monitoring Instruments, Data Qcquisition Unit, Wireless Data Transmission Modules

6. Real-time, Accurate and Reliable Data

Specification of 2.2m Hydrological Monitoring Buoy

1. Body Diameter: 2200mm

2. Mooring Load: 500kg

3. Battery: 300AH

4. Weight: 1000kg

5. Color: Yellow, Red or others as you required

6. Material: Polyurethane, Filled with Closed-cell Foam

7. Certificate: CCS/IALA

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