3m Hydrologic Monitoring Buoy

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3m Hydrologic Monitoring Buoy

3m Hydrologic Monitoring Buoy

The hydrologic monitoring buoy is used for the real-time monitoring of the water. It is moulded from high density elastic polurethane with internal steel skeleton enhanced. It supplies long-term power to the buoy by solar panels. The monitoring information is real-time transmitted. It is accurate and reliable. 3m hydrological monitoring buoy is equipped with three or four wells making the submerged sensors access witout having to lift the buoy out of the water. The sensors are installed in the wells and are well protected to avoid being stoled or damaged.

Features of 3m Hydrologic Monitoring Buoy

1. Multi-parameter, Multi-application and Real-time Monitoring

2. No Manual Operation, Automatically Transmitting Data

3. Solar Light Supply Long-term Energy with Large Battery Capacity

4. High Visibility on the Sea

5. Long Service Life and Low Maintenance

6. Equipped with Rada-Reflector

7. Excellent Impact Resistance

8. In Line with the Standard of IALA

Specification of 3m Hydrologic Monitoring Buoy

1. Buoy Body Diameter: 3000mm

2. Solar Panel: Max. 120*4

3. Battery: Max. 800AH

4. Mooring Load: 1000kg

5. Buoy Weight: 1000kg

6. Wells Number: 4pcs

7. Certificate: CCS/IALA

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3m Hydrologic Monitoring Buoy

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