Marine Fan

With our fans, our customers are ahead of the pack. Thanks to the excellent efficiencies of the impellers , as well as the use of corrosion protection material , our customers have the best fan solutions when it comes to reliability and durability.

The highest comfort for the highest of standards
Above all, fans have to be compact and quiet on a ship. Our fans offer maximum performance in an ultra compact design, while producing very little noise. This allows passengers to enjoy comfort on board ship to the full and sleep well.

A further advantage of Hi-Sea fans on the high seas: our fans are extremely reliable and durable, so your fleet can enjoy perfect ventilation for years to come.
Particularly on ships, ventilation systems are constantly exposed to aggressive conditions. That is why we provide our fans with lasting protection against harmful influences and offer several levels of corrosion protection.

The performance of Hi-Sea fans has been providing many renowned ships with exceptional ventilation for years. Fans for offshore oil platforms pose an extreme challenge for material and technology. We take on this challenge with a solution package made from the best materials, maximum manufacturing skill and highest safety guarantee. We are able to guarantee a unique reliability for our fans due to the use of resistant stainless steel and the latest coating technology.
We equip offshore systems throughout the world!