Industrial Silencer

Silencers are used to reduce the noise produced by the valve (Structure born noise and Air born noise) , when venting of pressurized and high velocity gas to theatmosphere, especially , steam, air and nitrogen.It is a combination of absorptive and reactive type silencer to attenuate High and low frequency noise.The fluid enters through the diffuser (reactive section) and pressure is killed in this zone as per customer requirement and depending on process condition. Then fluid passes through the annular space between the acoustic packing where the sound energy is absorbed.

1. Noise reduction of the silencer can meet the requirement of ˇ°Noise Standard of Industrial Enterprisesˇ±;
2. The silencer can fit different frequency, temperature and pressure (low-medium-high pressure, super-high pressure, subcritical pressure and supercritical pressure);
3. The silencer has reasonable dimension, high strength, long service life and it is easy for erection.